Amrita holistic luxury wellness experience at Sala Resorts and Spas

SALA Phuket Resort and Spa has introduced new exclusive detox and dietary programmes in partnership with leading wellness provider, Amrita. The retreat only uses natural and local elements and marks the first time that both SALA Samui Resort and Spa and SALA Phuket Resort and Spa will host a wellness retreat at the resort.

The five-day DETOX packages are designed to cleanse your body of toxins, activate improved digestion, organ and systemic function in order to assist in restoring your body to balanced operation.

The packages have been specially designed for individuals who seek to have a wellness experience, including luxurious spa treatments, yoga, meditation and designed meals to make you feel healthier. It is based on ancient oriental wisdom to detoxify through body therapies, exercise and healthy eating. Not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul, they are based on ancient oriental wisdom to detoxify through body therapies, exercise and healthy eating.

SALA Phuket’s DETOXIFICATION package and SALA Samui ‘s EASY DETOX package are not synonymous with starvation, – our programmes are a 100% natural detox developed together with Amrita and are based on two ancient principles. First, do no harm and secondly, let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.

The detox programmes at both SALA Phuket and SALA Samui include a comprehensive meal plan, where SALA offers two different Detox cuisines; both of them are not only healthy but also delicious – the difference being that one is stricter whereas the other is more abundant in proteins.

The programmes start with a group yoga class for beginners and includes a comprehensive Spa program, with both massage, body and facial treatments on a daily basis. Throughout the process, you’ll fill your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and, you’ll also be draining your body of excess body fat, accumulated toxins, and old faecal matter that’s weighing you down.

“The way you handle your sweat, is the way you handle your life”.

Graham Rowe, Chief Naturopath of Amrita commented on the news: “We are pleased to empower the SALA Hospitality Group with a new generation of detox and wellness programmes that have the best of two worlds: they fit perfectly with the leisure vacation lifestyle that Sala guests demand, yet they are very effective and consistently deliver beyond guests expectations.”

Both the Easy Detox programme at SALA Samui Resort & Spa and the Detoxification programme at SALA Phuket Resort & Spa start from THB 39,900++ per person for a five-day retreat with 5 detox shakes per day, Yoga for beginners, Probiotic Vitamin supplements, daily Spa program and full board meal plan (excluding accommodation).

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