Ask: “Where to find the best Beach Clubs in South East Asia?” and most people will say; Bali, Phuket or perhaps Sentosa.

Those also were the destinations that sprang up to my mind when I was asked to write about a beach club for this issue of Exotiq Thailand. I was therefore somewhat surprised to be sent to a place called Oceanside in Hua Hin, the medium sized resort town two hours drive south of Bangkok.

Wait a minute! Hua Hin sits on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, and even with my limited school geography, I know that the east coast of this strip of land overlooks the Gulf of Thailand, not an ocean.

Intrigued by Oceanside’s name, I looked it up on Google Earth, to find it in the centre of Hua Hin town, and almost next door to the Thai King’s seaside residence. A throbbing beach club next to a retreat, where royalty escapes the hustle and bustle of Bangkok in search of some peace and quiet? An oxymoron in my opinion so I had to check this place out!

Google Earth didn’t lie; Oceanside is indeed close to the Palace, a fact reinforced by the presence of the Royal Thai Navy anchored just offshore. The club is a part of the boutique Putahracsa resort and yes, it is a proper beach club, but one where the music doesn’t blow your eardrums.

Oceanside is located right next to the beach, where you can enjoy a romantic dining experience on the sand. Cabanas and loungers on the grass, around a sizeable, infinity edge swimming pool are also available. Next to it, a breezy, open-air restaurant serves the freshest of seafood and a wide selection of cocktails awaits at the bar. You can even try out puffing on an exotic shisha pipe, or hubble-bubble as I like to call it.

If other items on the restaurant’s menu are as good as the prawn and scallop rocket salad and the succulent crab meat risotto that I tried, then I can highly recommend dining at the Oceanside. Especially that the prices are kept below what you would normally pay in a hotel restaurant; I don’t know how they do it!

It’s often difficult to relax at beach clubs these days because they are simply too noisy. Oceanside, however, is a place you can take your loved one out for a romantic dinner or catch up with friends, without the need to shout across the table.

Oceanside or Gulfside, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is what you experience, and that will be a relaxing, quality meal down by the sea, in an illustrious neighbourhood.

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