Classic Colonial Chic

137 Pillars House, Chiang Mai

Private Vistas

Trisara, Phuket

Spaces with Heritage

The Siam, Bangkok

Subtle Elegance

The Metropolitan, Bangkok

Natural Pleasure

Santiburi, Koh Samui

Eclectic Relaxation

The Library, Koh Samui

Riverside Hideaway

Sala Rattanakosin, Bangkok

Tropical Chic

Sala, Koh Samui

Intimate Space

Sala, Phuket

Industrial Flair

Sala, Ayutthaya

Urban Style

Sala Lanna, Chiang Mai

Contemporary Edge

Putahracsa Silkhand, Hua Hin

One with the Landscape

Point Yamu by COMO, Phuket

Closer to Nature

Paresa, Phuket

Pure Simple Bliss

Oriental Residence, Bangkok

Closer to Nirvana

Muse Yama Executive, Bangkok

Futuristic Luxury

Kata Rocks, Phuket

Fantasy Comes Alive

Iniala, The Carpenters Chamber, Phang Nga

Kingdom of Dreams

Iniala, The Boudoir, Phang Nga

Nest of Creativity

Iniala, Seashell’s Suites, Phang Nga

Retro-futuristic Orient

Almali Residence, Phuket

Romantic Glamour

Devasom, Hua Hin

Modern Chic

Cape Nidhra, Hua Hin

Vintage Elegance

Aryasom, Bangkok

Spacious Haven

Andara Suites, Phuket

How to Rest in Style

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Luxury Hotels, Travel

They usually remain hidden, locked behind the doors of chic hotels. Yet here they are, out in the open, for the voyeuristic pleasure of your hungry eyes. Look at those stylish interiors, spacious beds, and stunning vistas from panoramic windows. We open for you the doors to the best of Thailand boutique bedrooms, take a look inside.

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