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Treasure Troves

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Jim Thompson Textiles

Renowned for his love of collecting beautiful Oriental objects, Jim Thompson amassed a treasure trove of fine art, sculptures and textiles during his life in Thailand, and it is this legacy that has inspired the new 2016 collection of home fabric and wallpaper for the legendary design house. read more

Bangkok Brunch

The Best Reason to Sleep Late From Monday to Friday, Bangkok is an overexcited metropolis filled with all the sights, sounds and smells one would expect of a big, bustling Southeast Asian city. But come the weekend, when the traffic disappears and its well-heeled...

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Big City Bangkok: Sathorn District

If ever there was a place where all facets of Thai life collided, it would be Sathorn; a heady mix of past, present and future with gleaming skyscrapers and traditional neighbourhoods, swanky hotels and cheap guest houses, gourmet restaurants and street stalls, temples and embassies, chic boutiques, flea markets, and a smattering of excellent rooftop bars from where to look out over the city.

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A Face in the Crowd

The Portraiture of Kos Cos: “My childhood was fun and colourful. I grew up in Mt Lavinia, the largest suburb of Colombo, which runs along the southern coast, so most weekends I would go to the beach with my friends to play cricket and beach rugby. On weekdays after school, I would go to my father’s advertising agency where they created all the hand-painted billboards and shop signs. That was my…

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Signature Thai Food

As a food writer dedicated to my craft, I take particular pleasure in being in Thailand, where not only is the food many and varied, but also universally lip-smackingly and two-thumbs-up scrumptious. The old cliché about there being something for everyone really is...

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An Island of Your Own

Paparazzi-proof and filled with all the trappings of luxury that only a very select can dare to dream, these private island paradises offer the traveller a chance to venture far away from mainstream living and indulge like nobody’s watching.

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Cool Pools

Dive into some of the Kingdom’s most stylish and simply exquisite pools. Swimming pools are so much more than just places to do laps or cool off, they are symbols of health, beauty, elegance and above all, exquisite fun. Exotiq Thailand took a subjective look around Thailand and came up with a list that we think are a cut above the rest.

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Bathroom Bliss

Wash away your troubles with our tour of the best boutique bathrooms in Thailand. Bathing became a pleasurable pursuit when the Romans introduced taking the water as the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. While we cannot guarantee you with handmaidens and grapes, you will get an ultimate bathing experience!

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Down by the Sea

Ask: “Where to find the best Beach Clubs in South East Asia?” and most people will say; Bali, Phuket or perhaps Sentosa. Those also were the destinations that sprang up to my mind when I was asked to write about a beach club for this issue of Exotiq Thailand. I was...

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